Saturday, December 12, 2009

Yesterday I had a long conversation with one of my long lost friend through conneceted servers. She observed that I have'nt been changed in all these years, which means I have been adjudged with the same mental condition now, when compared to what I were at times when we both used to have frequent conversations.

But things have really changed for me since those times. I was then a bachelor who had just stepped in to the boots of a soldier, struggling against all odds to marry the love of my life and now...... I am a happy man, married and who introduces his wife to others saying.."Hello, meet my problem of life" with a wicked smile...(Ofcourse, unfortunately she is the same old love!) now a father of four year old 'question bank' and standing at the end of a short initial career in the Navy.

Suerly with all these changes, I should have been a different man and how is she saying that I have'nt been changed..!

I think, may be we all have certain things with us which we carry throughout the span of our life. Be it the pattern of certain strokes with a pen on a paper when you are talking to someone over telephone (or mobile...) or the sense and direction of words you spill out with a loose mouth.

I am determined to carry all these throughout. Don't stop reading.. there is always a scope for change.

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